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Cleaning Products Wholesale Market

The sales volume of wholesale market can reach 10,000 kilogram one day. The shampoo, wash detergent, body lotion takes over 40% of the sales volume. By means of our realized techinque on chemical area and advantage of low cost, suppose that you take all cleaning product market, have a profit of 1 yuan each kilogram on averrage, you can have a profit over 4,000 yuan one day, then one month is 120,000 yuan. Even you take 10% of the market, your profit is 12,000 yuan.

Hotels and Restaurants

Because people are come and go frequently, they need not only bactericidal liquid detergent to wash the sheets and bath towels, but also bactericidal hand sanitizer and bactericidal body lotion for customers(normally put in toilets). Suppose these cleaning products has a profit of 20 yuan each hotel each day, as long as you connect 10 local hotels, you will have a profit of 200 yuan each day, and 6000 yuan each month.

Beauty salon

Suppose one salon demands 1 kilogram shampoo each day, then 100 salons demand 100 kilogram each day. It’s 2 yuan to 4 yuan cost each kilogram of good shampoo from our company with price over 10 yuan each kilogram. Therefore the profit is 6 yuan each kilogram. It’s 600 yuan each day and 18,000 yuan each month.

Grocery stores

Suppose it is a population of 30,000 people in a town, and every 300 people own a grocery store on average, there are total 100 grocery stores in town, the daily sales is total 300 packets, a profit 0.5 yuan each packet. Then you can have a profit of 150 yuan each day, and 4,500 yuan each month.

Snack shop

Suppose one snack shop demands 1 kilogram water detergent each day, and the water detergent cost 0.4 yuan each kilogram and saled 1 yuan each kilogram, then the profit is 0.6 yuan each day and 18 yuan each month. There are thousands of snack shop in each district, so the profit is 18,000 yuan each month.


The income from cleaning products takes 5% of that from all goods of the mall. Suppose each shop have an income of 10,000 yuan each day, then the income from cleaning products is 500 yuan. If there are ten malls local, the income is 5000 yuan each day and 150,000 each month. (We suggest giving up this market for the moment.)

Rural fair

Rush for the fair is a custom in chinese country. Each time the visitors flow rate is over 10,000 each year on average. You can start with 2,000 small packages for free. Suppose the cost is 0.2 yuan each packet, you only pay 400 yuan for publicity to let 2000 families know your products. After that, they will use your products if your products have reasonable price and high quality. Suppose they spend 20 yuan each month on shampoo, body lotion and wash detergent, you will have a profit over 5 yuan, and over 10,000 yuan each month.

Industrial Park factory

There are hardware factories, machinery plants and car repairing factories in each area. The workers touch engine oil everyday. They wash their hands during break time, before lunch, after work. As a result, a small factory with tens of people needs 1 to 1.5 kilogram hand lotion. If the factory has thounds of people, it needs hundred of kilograms. When you connect ten factories like that, you can sale 1500 kilogram hand lotion each month. Suppose the profit is 1 yuan each kilogram, it’s 1,500 yuan each month.

    The analysis above is just the theoretical data. If you plus these incomes, the profit can over 20,000 yuan each month easily. However, we have to remind the investors that not all the cleaning products can have profits. There is no business can have profit. It’s certain that the consumption of cleaning products exists everywhere. We promise that we have equipments with the low price, specialized technique and comparable with the market brand-name products. When having the big market, having the products with high quality and reasonable price and your efforts, success will come after conditions are ripe.

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